Holidays are all about finding the hidden gems, and it can be frustrating when you know they are there – but just cannot find them. So why not travel with one of our guides, benefiting from their local knowledge and experience and spend your time soaking up the best sites, not seeking them out.


(Mind, body and soul – 14 days) With a vast and varied landscape and culture India has beckoned travellers for...

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A Photographic Journey of Galapagos Islands

Exploring the magnificent Galapagos Islands in depth with Canon Master Photograper Darren Jew. A Photograpic...

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Photographing the Tropics with Darren Jew

Join award winning Canon Master photographer Darren Jew in absolute luxury 5 star comfort aboard True North exploring...

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Spain & France

September is the perfect time to visit Europe. This 3 week lifestyle trip is a combination of history, food, wine,...

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(Sophisticated traveller – 14 days) Mexico is naturally beautiful with a rich cultural heritage. See breathtaking...

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Italy – Tuscany & Florence

(Wine and food – 12 days) Sample Italian culture and daily life with light walks, guided tours and culinary...

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Argentina & Peru

(Cruise and explore the contrasts of South America – 22 days.) Trek to the iconic Incan ruins of Machu Picchu then...

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(History and the Wonders of the World – 14 days) Visit Beijing to cook a traditional meal in one of the world’s...

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