2015 Food Trends Cheatsheet

Don't know your kimchi from your kohlrabi? Confused about cold brew coffee? Fear not. We get to grips with the global gastro scene to tell you what you should be eating and drinking this year. OVER Kale EATING Cauliflower UP NEXT Kohlrabi Kale in salads, kale in juices, kale as crisps. But it was only when Nails Inc launched kale-infused nail polish that we knew for sure - this madness had to stop. Now cauliflower is the new it-veg: whole roasted, mashed, toasted or even as gluten-free pizza bases. Munch it with almonds and pomegranate at recently opened Middle Eastern restaurant Jago in Shoreditch, or, for more of a mouthful, order the whole roasted cauliflower with toasted hazelnuts and white...

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Posted in 'Travel News' on Monday 06 April 2015

Using a Travel Agent

At risk of upsetting, and and the four million other hotel and flight booking websites out there, I enlist a travel agent to book my flights and accommodation. I know! Next I¹ll probably be using a fax or riding a penny-farthing. Of course, for zippy direct flights or domestic accommodation, yes, I do it online like everyone else, but for overseas jaunts with several connecting flights and many accommodations, perhaps even in several countries, (not uncommon in my marriage) I use a magical genie called Sandra. Sandra knows: A) Which flights will be cheapest on which days B) If I have any hope of upgrading with points (³no²) C)...

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Posted in 'Travel News' on Monday 06 April 2015

Virtuoso Best of the Best

Welcome to the Virtuoso Best of the Best 2015 Guide to the World's Best Hotel Experiences. Click here to read more.

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Posted in 'Hotel News' on Tuesday 24 February 2015

Virtuoso Life March | April 2015

In To The Blue Warm up with French Polynesia, The Maldives, Costa Rica and more. All the beach towns that we love. Beach holidays are always a good idea, and this Sun & Sand issue celebrates hot spots around the globe, from five of our favourite beach towns to the island nation of the Maldives. Holidays allow us to reconnect with ourselves, our friends, our family, and the world around us; to recharge, relax, and do nothing; or to test our limits, experience new sights and scenery, and learn new things. Why do you travel?

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Posted in 'Virtuoso News' on Tuesday 29 July 2014

How to Make Coach Feel Like First Class (Sort Of)

You know what they say: Once you fly in the big seats up front, there's no turning back. But unless your company is picking up the tab or you have plenty of disposable income, economy seat flying is the cramped reality for most travelers. But there are adjustments you can make to feel like an first-class flier no matter what row you're in. 1. PLAN YOUR MEALS In the big seats, food is a plus in terms of convenience; but most of the time, it’s nothing to write home about. Bring your own food for a long flight—especially snacks. You can find exceptional options now in most hub airports. I always bring nuts, dried fruit, or some good jerky (Taste NY shops at LaGuardia and JFK airports have a...

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Posted in 'Travel News' on Tuesday 29 July 2014



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