Whereas once cruising may have been only a senior’s pursuit, now it is one of the fastest growing forms of travel in the world. It is not hard to see why. No other form of travel lets you unpack just once and wake up each morning in a completely different location. With the diversity of cruising available, you can spend your trip in the destination of your choice, sharing the company of as may, or as few, like-minded and aged travel companions as you please.

Private chartered boats
Not all cruising takes place on giant floating hotels. Chartering your own private vessel is another great option, giving you the freedom to plot your own course wherever in the world takes your fancy, with crew mates of your choosing. Our team have connections throughout all the world’s best cruising locations to build your perfect cruise.

Virtuoso’s Voyager Club
Our affiliation with Virtuoso lets us offer our clients benefits on selected departures with the world’s best cruise lines. When you book through us, you’ll get a dedicated on-board host throughout the cruise, a welcome cocktail reception and a choice between shipboard credit or exclusive on-shore excursions.

Active adventure and Yacht Cruising

Be active and adventurous or pampered and relaxed while enjoying the personalisation smaller yachts have to...

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River Cruise

A very popular choice, with so many choices of ships and rivers. Offering good service, local and cultural tours,...

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Expedition Cruise

A team of dedicated expedition experts will take you on cutting-edge ships designed to navigate some of the world's...

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The Amazon and Mekong

Immerse yourself in local customs, culture and history as you are taken on a journey down the Mekong and the Irrawaddy...

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Asia & India

(Private charter to large carriers and river cruising) Watching Asia and India pass by from the deck of a boat is...

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Arctic & Antarctic

(Small to mid size carriers) Far from being icy deserts, these extremes of the earth are home to the planet’s most...

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Baltic & Scandinavia

(Mid to large carriers) If it is natural beauty you are after then a trip through this fairytale corner of the world...

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(Private charter to large carriers and river cruising) The Mediterranean was quite simply created for cruising – and...

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Australia, New Zealand & South Pacific

(Private charter to large carriers) Cruising our own part of the world lets you experience the beautiful diversity...

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