Introduction: Wentworth Travel Pty Ltd ACN: 002 818 715 is a privately owned registered Company trading as a retail Travel Agency. We provide professional advice with a high standard of service. We work with travel suppliers with similar standards and ethics.

‘Client’ means the person or company making a reservation or booking with Wentworth Travel, and if there are more than one persons making the booking, these Terms and Conditions bind them jointly and severally.

Accreditations & Memberships:

*  International Air Transport Association (IATA) allows us to issue tickets for airlines members.

*  Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA/ATAS)

*  CT Partners – an airline buying group

*  Virtuoso Travel network – a US based Travel Company connecting Agencies to suppliers in the luxury market

*  Preferred status with leading airlines & Hotel groups including Qantas, Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Emirates, Qatar, Etihad, Mandarin Oriental, Peninsula Hotels, Four Seasons Hotels, The Belmond Group, InterContinental, Accor & Marriott.

Disclosure of fees or commissions received from third parties: Wentworth Travel acts as an Agent for travel suppliers. We receive a commission from some travel suppliers. We charge a fee set out in our Schedule of Fees to cover our time and expertise when we do not receive a commission, or the commission does not cover our time. We sometimes receive small gifts, an educational trip or a financial incentive from a travel supplier.

Agency:  We sell product on behalf of our suppliers by arranging and co-ordinating services offered by our suppliers. Wentworth Travel cannot guarantee the performance of our suppliers. When Wentworth Travel makes a booking with a supplier on behalf of a client, the client will have a separate contract with the supplier. Travel brochures are supplied by suppliers.  Wentworth Travel accepts no liability for errors in the material.

Terms & Conditions: The supplier’s terms and conditions are forwarded onto the client at the commencement of a booking to be read and understood by the client. The client should particularly note the cancellation conditions. Bookings are governed by the supplier’s terms and conditions as well as Wentworth Travel’s Terms & Conditions including conditions of carriage and limits on liability.

Several suppliers all with different terms and conditions may be used during your booking process and must be accepted separately.

Bookings, Payments and Deposits:  Most airfares or services must be paid in full at the time of booking or we will advise the supplier’s required date for payment.  If not paid in time the booking will lapse.

When a deposit is required on a booking this may be NON-refundable.

Some suppliers require full payment more than 6 weeks prior to departure.  Failure to pay can result in the cancellation of the booking and the deposit is forfeited.

Bank clearance is required for payments by direct deposit.

Payment by credit card incur additional fees as charged to us by the credit card company.

Wentworth Travel operates a client bank account which separates client monies from our business bank account.  Client money is moved to our business account when the client has travelled.

Prices:  Prices are quoted in Australian dollars or the trading currency of a supplier.  When we quote in another currency  we advise our clients. We convert to Australian dollars at the best buying rate we can obtain on the day we pay the supplier.

Prices are subject to change at the discretion of the supplier and this is out of our control. A price is only guaranteed once paid in full but always at the discretion of the supplier. Prices may include applicable taxes and are often subjected to changes in the value of our Australian dollar.

Cancellation Fees:  Changes or cancellations to a booking may incur a fee from the supplier and will be advised to you. Wentworth Travel has a separate cancellation and change fee which is also advised to you in our Schedule of Fees prior to commitment.

Some airline tickets, cruise bookings and tour bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Any refund for cancelled bookings will not be paid to the client until Wentworth Travel receives payment from the supplier. The supplier will credit directly the client’s credit card if this has been used for the original payment.

Refunds:  Wentworth Travel’s booking fee for our services will not be refunded if the booking does not proceed.

Refunds for bookings are subject to the terms and conditions of the supplier and we as the agent will provide you with the refund subject to the terms and conditions of the supplier when we receive the money from the supplier.

Wentworth Travel is not responsible for supplier delays in issuing a refund. Some suppliers can take from 60-90 days to process a refund.

Passports & Visas & Health Documents:  Wentworth Travel requires your passport to make airline bookings. The booking name must match your passport name. Your date of birth, expiry date of your passport plus your postal code are required by the airline. The airline will not permit you to travel if your booking name does not match your passport or travel identity for domestic travel at check in.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure they have the correct documents, visas and health requirements for travelling and that your passport is current and for most countries has 6 months validity however Wentworth Travel will give assistance. You will not be permitted to board an aircraft if your passport, visa or health documentation are not in order, This includes having  six (6) months validity on your passport if required by the country.

Check visa, health requirements and other travel details of countries you are travelling to by visiting the Government website of Smartraveller  www.smartraveller.gov.au.  The airlines also offers advice on their websites.

If you travel on a NON Australian passport, even if you are a resident of Australia, you require a RE-ENTRY visa for Australia.  This is the responsibility of the client.

It is the client’s responsibility to inform Wentworth Travel if there is a problem with any of your requirements for travel.

Travel Insurance:  We highly recommend you take out Travel Insurance cover for each trip.  If you have pre-existing health conditions it is your responsibility to disclose these.  With Credit Card Insurance, it is your responsibility to check you have full cover especially for pre-existing conditions and unexpected occurrences. If you have problems with obtaining cover, please advise us so it is noted on your file.

It is important you understand the importance of being fully covered. If you do not take out Travel Insurance we require you to sign a waiver form. Travel insurance helps cover additional costs which may occur due to unforeseen circumstances including illness, accidents and arrangements being cancelled or changed which are outside your control. Medical, evacuation and daily costs can be extremely high in many countries.  Check what you are not covered for which may include pandemics such as COVID19. Be aware of your cover relating to a relative or someone with a pre-existing illness interrupting your travel.

General & Specific Travel Advice:  It is important to check the Australian Smart Traveller website for all destination information. www.smartraveller.gov.au  We advise you to register with DFAT on line so they have your contact details in the event of an emergency. https://www.dfat.gov.au/travel/Pages/travel 

Health Precautions:  It is the client’s responsibility to obtain medical advice in relation to any vaccinations required and recommended.

Vaccinations are required to enter some countries and you will be denied entry without carrying proof of your vaccination.   General advice is found on www.smartraveller.gov.au

Frequent Flyer:  It is the customer’s responsibility to advise us if you are travelling on points as we do not receive airline updates on flight time changes.  If we book frequent flyer points on your behalf the airline will send you updates on flight changes so you must monitor these . We are not responsible for the inability to claim points if you cancel this travel.

It is the responsibility of the client to advise us of frequent flyer membership numbers or loyalty numbers with hotels and car rental companies so we add these to your bookings. It remains the responsibility of the client to chase points if they are not credited to their program after travel.

Limitation of Liability:  These Terms and Conditions are governed by the laws applicable in the State of New South Wales and each party submits to the jurisdiction of the courts of the New South Wales. Wentworth Travel does not accept any liability in contract, tort or otherwise for any injury, damage, loss, delay, additional expense or inconvenience caused by suppliers or third party providers over whom agents have no direct control.

Force Majeure:  We are not responsible for “Force Majeure” where severe weather or other disasters or pandemics prevent scheduled arrangements occurring for flights departing.

Neither Party will be liable for any failure or delay in performing an obligation under this Agreement that is due to any of the following causes, to the extent beyond its reasonable control: acts of God, accident, riots, war, terrorist act, epidemic, pandemic, quarantine, outbreaks of infectious disease or any other public health crisis, civil commotion, breakdown of communication facilities, natural catastrophes, governmental acts or omissions, changes in laws or regulations, national strikes, fire, explosion, generalized lack of availability of raw materials or energy.

For the avoidance of doubt, Force Majeure shall not include (a) financial distress nor the inability of either party to make a profit or avoid a financial loss, (b) changes in market prices or conditions, or (c) a party’s financial inability to perform its obligations hereunder.

In the event that a force majeure applies, the customer will be bound by the supplier’s terms and conditions.

We reiterate the importance of Travel Insurance and you understanding what is covered and what is not covered.

Your Responsibilities: You agree that you meet the following requirements:

o You warrant that you are over the age of eighteen (18) and have sufficient funds to pay for the travel services

o You have read our T & C’s and if booking for third parties have conveyed these T & C’s to them

o You have read the T & C’s of any suppliers or third party service providers and agree to be bound by those

o You are responsible for checking the accuracy of all documents provided to you

o You are responsible for contacting the airline at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to travel

o You warrant and acknowledge that you have accessed the Smartraveller website for any specific enquiries in relation to your intended destination

o Passport / visa and other required identification documents are your responsibility


Please email or scan this page back to us showing your signature accepting our conditions:

I have read and understood the above Terms & Conditions of Wentworth Travel and accept these conditions in relation to my booking. By providing payment I acknowledge that I am bound by these conditions for all travelling person/s.

NAME OF CLIENTS TRAVELLING:__________________________________________________________________________________

SIGNATURE on BEHALF of CLIENTS:_______________________________________________________________________________

DATED:  _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ 

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