Anna visits the Maldives

Anna recently visited four island resorts in the Maldives, accompanied by our destination partner who is an expert on all things Maldives. What a stunning destination it is – everything you see in the pictures is true. Aqua blue water with bright white sand and luscious vegetation.

It is a destination suitable for those who want to relax while enjoying outdoor water activities. The resort marine biologists also provide you with an understanding of the geography and environment surrounding the islands. Perfect for taking your family, a multi-generational family, a honeymoon, or just escaping from reality.


1.       Stay in an overwater bungalow

2.       A minimum of 4 nights recommended in each resort if you want to change

3.    Engage with your butler they can add so much value to your holiday as they know EVERYTHING going on in and around the resort.

Posted in 'Wentworth Travel News' on Tuesday 12 November 2019