Hotel Booking Tool

Don’t forget you can use our Hotel Booking Tool 24 hours a day, 7 days a week…..

You can browse and book hotels online here at your convenience – and what’s more, you’ll still receive all the usual benefits you get when Wentworth Travel books your travel – including full service, preferred rates, and exclusive amenities.  And once you make a booking, the information comes directly to us so Wentworth Travel can follow up with you about additional services or whatever else you may need!

It’s perfect for last minute getaways, weekend breaks, or other short trips!

I’m sure once you try it you’ll agree you get the best of both worlds; the ease and convenience of online booking – plus the value and VIP treatment Wentworth Travel knows you love.

Of course, this doesn’t change any of the services we already offer. We are still available in person to book hotels and take care of your other travel needs. Just know you now have access to this VIP online hotel booking option now, too.

Posted in 'Wentworth Travel News' on Tuesday 24 September 2019