Anna’s Theme Park Advice

Reprint of article from *ATAS’s American theme park blog:

Anna McMurtrie, Managing Director of Wentworth Travel in Sydney, is a theme park person: “At any  park or resort, you really do feel like you’re at the happiest place on earth! All round you there is a sense of imagination and fun, and every park employee – or cast member as Disney calls them – contribute to the exciting atmosphere”.

Her top tips for theme park travel?

  • Plan your stay well in advance and book venues for lunch and dinners which give you preferential seating for the entertainment.
  • To get the most out of your visit plan the rides you must want to cover. Make a daily plan which involves rides close to each other.
  • Consider booking a Priority-First-Pass – if it’s available at the venue. These can be great time savers. They are worth every penny.
  • Think about booking accomodation affiliated with the park. This can give you early access and other benefits.
  • Download the park’s app to assist you during your stay.
  • To ward off tired and cranky kids, rest in the middle of the day.
(*An affiliate of the Australian Federation of Travel Agents)

Posted in 'Travel News,Wentworth Travel News' on Monday 17 June 2019