Super Exclusive Fiji

There are a couple of really high end resorts in Fiji – ones that you rarely hear about.

Rob and Lynda Miller were the operational brains behind Wakaya Island for many years. For some time they have been applying their considerable talents to the development of  Vatuvara, for the owner (an entrepreneur who was the founder of internationally known sunglasses range). Due to hard work they have totally transformed this Lau group island, with Lynda, amongst other duties, developing possibly the best fully certified organic garden in the Fiji islands.

The good news for those wanting absolute privacy is that the resort consists of only three villas ranging from 4000 to 7000 square feet. Each designed for a couple and each with its own plunge pool. Individual villas can be booked or all three can taken as an ‘island charter, In the event of an exclusive charter you can take your children under 16. There are some additional housing options available for groups which include children. Because of the plunge pools the venue is probably not appropriate for young ones or non-swimmers.

The resort has it’s own transfer aircraft and (paved) landing strip. There are no crowds, obviously, there are no set programmes as your stay is tailored to your preferences. Naturally it’s a perfect honeymoon destination in which case you worry about kids later!. The price, which is not cheap, reflects the level of investment, the quality of the offering, and the exclusivity.

Posted in 'Hotel News,Wentworth Travel News' on Wednesday 12 June 2019