2015 Food Trends Cheatsheet

Don’t know your kimchi from your kohlrabi? Confused about cold brew coffee? Fear not. We get to grips with the global gastro scene to tell you what you should be eating and drinking this year.

EATING Cauliflower
UP NEXT Kohlrabi

Kale in salads, kale in juices, kale as crisps. But it was only when Nails Inc launched kale-infused nail polish that we knew for sure – this madness had to stop.

Now cauliflower is the new it-veg: whole roasted, mashed, toasted or even as gluten-free pizza bases. Munch it with almonds and pomegranate at recently opened Middle Eastern restaurant Jago in Shoreditch, or, for more of a mouthful, order the whole roasted cauliflower with toasted hazelnuts and white wine raisins at New York’s East Pole. Hell, Pret’s even put it in their Mac’n’cheese. For a DIY version, cult chef April Bloomfield has a recipe for whole pot-roasted cauliflower with tomatoes and anchovies in her new cookbook A Girl and Her Greens, out April.

However, a new veg is vying for cauli’s crown already. Kohlrabi is related to the cabbage, but looks a bit like a pale green turnip with crazy leafy shoots. Chef Yotam Ottolenghi’s mad for it.

Credit to Conde Nest Traveller.
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Posted in 'Travel News' on Monday 06 April 2015